Indoor And Outdoor Doors

The entrance door to the house is like a sign that characterizes you and informs passers-by about what kind of owner lives behind them. The door must be safe, strong, warm, airtight and, without a doubt, beautiful, uniquely original, and only yours.

The most important functional requirement for exterior doors is their strength and security. At the moment, we tend to lock everything - and the more locks, the more reliable. The doors to the apartments and houses became like gates to the fortress. Glass decor elements have been minimized or disappeared altogether. Modern state-of-the-art technology, alarm and surveillance systems have made it possible to return to glazed, more graceful, lighter-looking entrance door variants.

Slightly different requirements for the interior doors of an apartment or house. The function of the interior door is narrower. They simply separate one space from another. The vast majority of people want to have a traditionally designed house with bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. All those rooms are to be separated by blind, massive and sometimes even easily lockable doors. Some glass can also be used for the living room and hall doors. Colored, patterned glass is used for glazing the doors.

The main composite elements of an interior door to be combined with the environment: the door material, the shape of the door, the type of door opening, the edging and their profile, the handle and lock, and various decor elements.



  • Wide profile fittings in the frame and sash
  • High durability and stability
  • Excellent heat and sound insulation
  • Narrow visible part of the profile
  • Variety of choices
  • Reliable burglary protection


Beautiful exterior doors are an important expression of architectural style. The doors give the facade an original unique style, yet they must be strong, safe and resistant to the environment.

We offer a choice of GEALAN S 8000 profile system exterior doors. The GEALAN S 8000 exterior door profile system is designed to use a wide range of fittings. The internal partitions of the 74 mm wide profile and their arrangement allowed to increase the stiffness of the used steel reinforcement by as much as 30 percent. Cavity locks are milled in the reinforcement. The sill ensures a firm connection between the frame and the sill. Welded corner joints are used to prevent sash distortion and to ensure corner stability. A large selection of components allows the production of doors of different configurations and types. A variety of hardware and locks can be used, as well as a variety of door leaf fillers. They can be opened both outwards and inwards.

The door leaves are made not only from white, but also from colored ACRYLCOLOR profiles, as well as from profiles covered with a decorative wood-imitation and colored film with a wood groove texture.

The 20 mm high door sill corresponds to the modern concept of barrier-free


Sliding doors



Doors to the terrace are an integral part of almost every modern home. In summer, you want the interior and exterior of the house not to be separated and the terrace to become part of the living room. Glass partitions with patio doors are becoming an integral part of even an economy-class modern private home, not to mention more luxurious homes. In the cold season, such a structure must not become a place where cold penetrates, it must not let off heat, but it must open up view and let in as much solar heat and light as possible. It is very important that such a construction not only protects the heat of the house, but also the property, in other words, be protected as much as possible from burglary. And it is also very important that the sliding door is easy to operate, easy to open and close.


Housing construction for the disabled. The combined sill, made of several different materials, is the final highlight of the overall system of GEALAN aluminum sills made of aluminum, aluminum with a heat-insulating gasket and a durable glass fiber with a high thermal conductivity. It reliably protects the lower part of the door from heat loss and thus ensures excellent thermal conductivity.

For large windows and doors, color has a special meaning. Therefore, GEALAN lift-and-slide doors are made of white, acrylcolor standard colors and wood decor laminating films.



Nothing creates a cozy home atmosphere as well as a light-filled large living space. That's why the T&A GLASS elegant lift-and-slide doors are the perfect solution for connecting your home's interiors with outdoor terraces, balconies or gardens. That way you will have a corner of nature right in your own home. It does not matter at all whether the door is open or closed, in any case a lot of light enters the premises.


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