PVC Windows

There are plenty of good reasons for window replacement. For example, new PVC windows can enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal and value as well as save you money in energy costs.


Durability, minimal maintenance and excellent resistance to various weather conditions

We provide wide range of PVC folding, lifting and sliding windows , fit them with care and quality. Windows are an important part of the architecture and construction of every building. They must be not only be beautiful, but also warm, airtight, durable, easy to maintain and durable. Therefore, the construction parts of the window must not only be of a good quality, but also properly connected and coordinated with each other.

You can choose from wooden, plastic and aluminum windows.

T&A GLASS offers you a choice of high-quality plastic windows that meet all high requirements for heat and
sound insulation. Modern plastic windows are durable. They do not need to be painted, they are easy to maintain.
They are not only durable but also beautiful. The ability to choose the geometry of the profile, the way the
window is opened and the design will emphasize the uniqueness of your window. GEALAN PVC profile systems allow
the production of plastic windows of any shape, by far the most original.


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